Holy Week Message

Dear Peninsula Church Family,

I bring you greetings, as we complete the final week of our Lenten journey.  It has surely been a journey unlike anything we could have imagined or anticipated we would ever experience when our journey began on February 26th.  We have encountered the COVID-19 Pandemic and the current “stay-in-place” orders in the midst of our making other plans for the Lent and beyond.

I suspect that we have each endured many frustrations, and many disappointing cancelled plans.  We are concerned for the health of our families and friends; and, we cannot wait for this season of sickness and suffering to end.

Perhaps, this is in many ways similar to the way the followers of Jesus experienced the events of the very first Holy Week.  Their glorious expectations gradually progressed into disappointments, as Jesus did not become their king seated upon an earthly throne of power.  Instead, he continued to heal the infirmed and to teach about the kingdom of heaven in parables, much as he done in town after town he had visited.  They wanted so much more from him, and, so much for themselves.  When, oh when, would this promised kingdom come?  When would their time of worry and suffering come to an end?

Little did the people know that these events were a part of something greater than they could possibly have dreamed. God had a plan in place for them, and Jesus was his name.  Through his obedience to his earthly mission, they would receive salvation- an abundant and eternal life in his name.

History teaches believers that God is ever creating something new for us.  It often comes to us in ways we cannot anticipate and would not choose if the choice was ours to make.  Yet, God has an infinitely marvelous way of making beauty from ashes, from dust.  So, even in the midst of these difficult times, we place our trust in God’s ultimate plan for our good–and we persevere.

We look to Jesus, and to his unconditional faithfulness, as we move forward through this most unusual and unprecedented Holy Week.

With blessings and a prayer,

Pastor Claudia