March 14, 2020


“For I  am with you always, even until the very end of this age.”  Matthew 28: 20.


Dear Church family,

During these next few weeks, we will be together in spirit and deeply connected even though we are not gathering together in person.  Many of us are already feeling the painful pangs of our separation.

Let us not forget that the church is not the building where we gather, but the loving relationships we share whether we gather together in one place or separately.  Paul was often separated from his followers, and yet he remained connected through communication.  So, I will be intentional about helping to keep us spiritually connect through communicating with one another over the next few weeks, while we refrain from physical worship for our safety.

Most importantly, we need to continue to care for one another, for we are deeply connected to each another.  So, I ask each of us to spend some time today in intentional prayer.

Remember-I am the church, you are the church, we are the church-TOGETHER!