March 15, 2020

PUMC Announcements for March 15, 2020

-Bishop Malone, on behalf of East Ohio Conference has encouraged pastors and churches within our Conference to suspend all worship and scheduled meetings from Friday March 13 through Friday March 27.  This includes 2 worship services, on March 15 and March 22, and the weekly scheduled meetings/gatherings in between.  At that time, it will be determined what further steps may be necessary for the protection of church congregations.

-A petition has been presented to the General Conference that the May Session be postponed due to travel restrictions worldwide that may still be necessary to prevent further 2019 Corona virus infection.  Updated information to follow. This is not the East Ohio Annual Conference gathering at Lakeside in June.

-The Finance and Staff-Parish Relations Committees have discussed and have come to a consensus that we will pay all of our PUMC Staff during our 2 week hiatus from church gatherings and activities.  We want to avoid adding financial stress to further complicate our difficult circumstances as we face the COVID-19 outbreak and take necessary steps to remain safe.

-On behalf of the Finance Committee, I am reminding us as a Church that the ongoing expenses of our Church Administration continue even during this time when we are not gathering for ordinary worship services and meetings.  As time continues, we may encounter additional circumstances of need within our Church and community due to COVID-19.  Since PUMC is not currently prepared for online giving, we can best continue our support by sending our offering by check to:  Peninsula United Methodist Church, P.O. Box 186, Peninsula, OH 44264

-During the next few weeks, if anyone has a need to contact me, please call me at 216-213-9003 and a time for a further discussion can be arranged.


Pastor Claudia