Our Committees

Administrative Council:

Sets overall goals for the church’s ministry in the community, receives reports of each committee, approves policies, generates ideas, and implements goals.

Outreach Committee:

Educates the congregation about local and global mission needs and implements the church’s response to the needs of God’s people, both here and abroad.

Nurture/Membership Development Committee: 

Cares for the needs of the membership through social activities, celebrations, spiritual opportunities and pastoral care.

Finance Committee:

Monitors day-to-day expenditures and income, seeing that they fall within the budget guidelines. Oversees creation of each year’s budget, plans and implements annual stewardship campaigns, oversees fundraising and does long-range planning.

Worship Committee:

Aids the congregation in understanding the meaning, purpose and practice of worship and evaluates the worship needs of the congregation.

Staff (Pastor) Parish Relations:

The liaison between the pastor, the staff and the congregation, staying in close contact with all regarding any problems that may arise and conferring with pastor and staff in making an effective ministry.

Nominations (Lay Leadership) Committee: 

Prepares the slate of community leaders and members that will be presented to Charge Conference to be voted upon.

Public Relations and Social Media Committee:

Recommends marketing and advertising ideas for events and activities.

Board of Trustees:

Responsible for maintaining, repairing, remodeling and ensuring the protection of all properties of the congregation, including grounds and the Memorial Garden.