Our History

The Peninsula United Methodist Church was originally founded as the Boston Moral Society in March of 1833 for the purpose of “the better organization of religious worship and moral improvement.” Soon after, the group was know as a Methodist Society and was served by a circuit riding preacher, perhaps on the Hudson circuit of the Erie Conference.
In 1869, the sanctuary was built due to the efforts of a determined young couple, George C. Stanford and Lida R. Wetmore.  Legend has it they were planning to be married in December of that year and wished to be married in a church.  Stanford saw to it that the Peninsula Methodist Episcopal Church was erected on its present site and fulfilled their wishes.

Through the ongoing efforts of many people over the years, the church has, through its Sunday School and Christian Education programs, and the nurturing care of its members and the community, prepared many of its own people for church work and the ministry.

The ministry has been enriched by the leadership of 63 clergy over the years.  Our present pastor, Claudia Britton joined us in July 2015.