Who We Are

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Food is central to our life together.  Whether we are serving meals at a local mission, hosting our annual Election Day Thanksgiving Dinner, sharing some fish and pierogies during Lent, or just munching on a snack that someone brought in to share, food is an indelible part of the PUMC community.  But it’s not just that we like to eat.  Rather, it’s that we recognize that food is a special part of our humanity.  Food gives comfort, breaks the ice, brings people together, and says “I love you,” like nothing else in the world.  This is why we celebrate Holy Communion every week.  We believe that when we eat together, not only are we closer to one another, but somehow, mysteriously, God is closer to us.


Just as food feeds the body, prayer feeds the soul.  Prayer isn’t just something we do when we can’t find our car keys.  Prayer keeps us centered, keeps us focused on what’s truly important, and reminds us that we can’t do this alone.  At PUMC, we pray for lots of things: we pray for one another, for our children, for the healing of our natural world, for those caught in the chains of addiction, for an “end to the madness of war,” and for those the world labels as “helpless.”  We pray believing that God hears our prayers and answers them, but also knowing that sometimes, God expects us to BE the answers.


Peninsula is a beautiful, historic, and intimate community, and these qualities are all represented in our little church.  If you’ve ever been to Peninsula, to hike in Cuyahoga Valley National Park, to go for a bike ride, or just to visit friends, you know that time slows down a little in our town.  Here life moves at a more leisurely pace.  We aren’t as worried about “getting stuff done” as we are about who we’re “getting it done” with!  So if you’re looking to slow down, take the time to focus on what’s important, and share a good meal with some new friends, we hope you’ll stop by and visit us sometime soon.

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